Admin Enhancer

Admin Enhancer is the first free plugin released under the cubicFUSION brand. The plugin is still work in progress, but a tool that is already used within some of my client projects. I am using this  plugin to centralise things I love & need, when sending out a finished website or project.

This plugin and its addons are completely free and will always stay free. See changelog for current and upcoming features.


  • SHORTCODES: The first addition to the toolbox is Shortcodes. All dashboard widgets are converted to simple shortcodes. You can use those shortcodes within Elementor Pro or any other page builder that allows you to create custom admin dashboards. This makes it easy to build white-label dashboards, while still reusing all those nice dashboard widgets 🙂
  • DASHBOARD GUTENBERG / DASHBOARD TEMPLATES: This Addon allows you to build a Dashboard with Gutenberg. You can create a new Dashboard under 'Dashboard Templates' and set a default template. I will be extending this to allow different templates for different roles / groups. This release also includes a Gutenberg block for the shortcodes.
  • ADMIN TOOLBAR: This Addon allows you to tweak the admin toolbar and footer.

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cubicFUSION Admin Enhancer 0.3

This release will be mostly a maintenance and cleanup release. Not sure, if I will add another addon yet. Will keep you posted.

cubicFUSION Admin Enhancer 0.2


The next version includes a new addon “GUTENBERG DASHBOARD“, that allows you to build a White-label Dashboards using the Gutenberg Editor.

It integrates with the Shortcodes addon and allows to drop in the dashboard widgets via its own Gutenberg Block. I am currently doing a final cleanup for the first release.

You will be able to overwrite css from the shortcodes and add your own custom css. Also supporting Sass via SCSS now 😉

Added some preview images to the gallery.

This version will also have the first integration of the “ADMIN TOOLBAR” addon, that allows to tweak some of the toolbar options (Hide WP Logo, Hide Toolbar on Frontend, Hide Menu Items ..)

cubicFUSION Admin Enhancer 0.1

cubicFUSION Admin Enhancer 0.1 for WordPress goes online!


This includes SHORTCODES, allowing you to transform admin dashboard widgets to shortcodes and include them in White Label Dashboard solutions like those for Elementor Pro (Dashboard Welcome) or Beaver Builder (Dashboard Welcome).